Urgent NHR package

Introducing our All-in-one NHR package - your one-stop solution to secure Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) status in Portugal. With the recent announcement of the NHR program ending in 2024, time is of the essence. Our team of expert tax and immigration specialists has developed a tailored solution to ensure you don't miss the impending deadline.

Package details

Early Bird Special: Apply on or before Monday, November 6, and enjoy our exclusive rate of €750 (VAT included). After this date, the package is still available for €950 (VAT included).

Enrollment Deadline: Act fast! The enrollment period for this package ends on December 8. After this date, we'll handle applications on a case-by-case basis. If you already have a NIF, a suitable visa, and a "finanças" portal password after December 8, we may still be able to help you.

What’s included?

45-minute consultation with Tytle's Portuguese tax experts to understand how NHR can work in your favor and if you're eligible.

Assistance with NIF application, if needed.

Representation by Tytle's partner in Portugal to obtain your account and password from the tax authorities via physical mail at a Portuguese address.

Application and registration as a tax resident in Portugal through the authorities, if needed.

Securing your NHR.

Handling the visa process for non-EU citizens is not included, but we're able to assist you for an additional fee upon request.For non-EU citizens, we will require specific documentation to get started. This includes confirmation of an appointment with the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) to begin the visa application process for residency in Portugal. A supporting document as proof of your Portuguese address (your rental agreement or house purchase agreement) is necessary to change your residence status and proceed with your NHR application.

Requirements to get started

A rental contract: A rental contract of at least 6 months or a purchase contract to declare as your residential address.SEF appointment (optional): Only needed if not moving from another EU country.Contact us today to secure your Non-Habitual Resident in Portugal in time, either by planning a free intake session (click here) or by registering (click here) and opening an advice topic.

Questions & Answers

Do I need to reside in Portugal to apply for NHR?

No, you can apply from anywhere. We'll guide you through the process, regardless of your current location.

Do I need a Portuguese bank account to apply for NHR?

While not mandatory, having a European bank account, preferably in Portugal, simplifies the process.

Must I purchase property in Portugal to qualify for NHR?

No, renting a property is sufficient (>6 months); ownership is not a requirement.

Is physical presence in Portugal necessary to apply for NHR?

No, our experts can handle the application digitally on your behalf, even securing the essential "finanças" portal password.

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